Our latest fabric Walter started life as a houndstooth jacket that Flora loved and wore, with her later reimagining this time-old tweed to create a flamboyant, oversized houndstooth design with a distinctive personality all of its own. Smart, striking, and available in a vibrant palette of twelve jewel, two-tone colours, this cotton weave is perfect for a streamlined and sleek approach.

Created harnessing exclusively traditional techniques in one of our British mills, this design has fast become a characterful favourite of ours, lending itself brilliantly to soft-furnishings, upholstery (especially when paired brilliantly with contrast detailing and sharp lines as seen on our new Waltine stools), and… our first foray into clothing, too.

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Flora Soames x Carrier Company

To launch our new houndstooth Walter, Flora has made her first foray into fashion with a limited-edition collaboration with Carrier Company. A long-time fan of Carrier Company’s British made, Norfolk born elegant, casual and informed workwear, this capsule collection for men and women includes some of their best loved designs, now reimagined in four jewel colours of our new standout, vibrant cotton weave.

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Having brought the concept of a 'One Day Box' to life in her book, a place, real or imaginary, where we store fragments of our past that spark a feeling of nostalgia - Flora has launched The One Day Box Collection. 

Opening her archive, compiled over decades of collecting antique textiles, precious fragments, lengths of passementerie and historical furniture, with a rich provenance all of their own, Flora has restored and reworked these cherished pieces into a collection of one-off items that offer a way to bring her One Day Box into your collection. 

Encompassing cushions, lampshades and furniture, Flora has worked with skilled artisans in England and her own studio to meticulously revive each individual piece. Taking its cue from Flora’s deeply personal way of finding, treasuring and carrying through life the things that hold the most meaning - The One Day Box Collection now offers others the ability to bring a piece of that curated vision home.



Inspired by a 19th century French motif, this design has been long in the making, with scale being key to the sense of whimsy in this uplifting print. The original palette is seen in its romantic colours of old rose and violet, whilst more vibrant and modern colour combinations are introduced also. In hand screen printing this design on a soft, Irish linen backcloth, Flora is upholding the traditional artistry of the original fragment in her archive.

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Shop our new collection of cushions, all handmade in our studio in our own Flora Soames fabrics.  

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Flora Soames is one of House and Garden’s Top 100 interior designers. Flora’s discerning eye and instinct for channelling both old and new has been formed through a lifetime love of collecting furniture, textiles and accessories.

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